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okay cats and kittens! i am BOUND AND DETERMINED to have my thelittlebang story completed by august 9th (the do or die date).

here's the situation. i have ~25,500 words right now. i predict the addition of ~7-10,000 words over the next couple of days. i am LACKING IN BETAS. so here's the deal. i am looking for one to two betas, who can turn around 30-40,000 words in, uh, about a day?

i know that's a lot to ask. but i will make it worth your while or something! after i finish this, i will write you a story from the prompt of your choosing! or i will send you a present! or buy you coffee if you are in my area!

the story is dc comics universe, basically a birds of prey story, but post the last issue of birds of prey. it is a kate spencer (manhunter) / helena bertinelli (huntress) story and it draws heavily from the manhunter and huntress: year one titles. however, the plot is totally random and does not require a huge amount of backstory.

any desire? let me know.


Aug. 6th, 2009 04:03 am (UTC)
YAAAAY! plan is: get story to about 95% done tomorrow. then i can send it. then it is a mad rush to the 9th, by which i must post!

AAHHH. i've never written anything this long.