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sorry, this is a closed book hospital

replevin for a cow.
6 January 1984
agha shahid ali, alex/casey, allison janney being tall, american history, baby cat faces, bad crime procedurals, barbara gordon, being passionately pro-choice, bill clinton's legacy, birds of prey, broken hearts, cameron/cuddy, carbon capture and sequestration, casey/olivia, cheap inky pens, church bells, clever conceits, climate change science, columbia university, commander in chief, constance zimmer, creating public policy, criminal intent, cyprus, democrats, developing new procrastination techniques, diet pepsi slurpees, dr. natalie durant, drunken kissing, duende, e.r., eames/barek, election returns, emo superhero(ine) pain, eu politics, fanfic, fragility as strength, freedom of speech, french grammar, frozen strawberry daiquiris, game theory, gay rights, girls in comics, girlslash, god, good morning miami, government, grad school acceptance letters, history as memory, homestyle applesauce, hunkering, in justice, jeopardy!, jodie foster's legs, jon stewart, joseph conrad, judaism, judicial review, jurisprudence, karin slaughter, kulanu, leadville, love between cops, mackenzie allen, making out in public, manhunter, massachusetts versus the epa, maura tierney, max's first word, medical investigation, modern hebrew, new york city streets, passive aggression, peace, pointilism, political science, politics, president roslin, prisoner's dilemmas, purple mountains' majesty, quiet desperation, rain on my windowsill, reconstructionist judaism, rejoicing in resignation, renoir's use of light, restaurants, seditious libel, self-deprecation, seurat, sex, shattered things, sleeping in late, space, speaking foreign languages poorly, stars, stealing your last cigarette, steamboat springs, striving toward mediocrity, strong barnard women, summerbridge, svu, tami hoag, the bats, the caffeine jitters, the electoral college, the olsen twins, the supreme court, the west wing, trashy thriller novels, tv presidents, women in peril, women in refrigerators, women wearing pinstripes, writing in verse, your mom