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sometimes i notice that my friendslist is perhaps not as eco-focused as one might expect. maybe this is because we all avoid politics, or (even better) because it's just taken for granted.

but yeah, dudes. when it comes to the environment? we're fucked.

interesting environmental news: reid is hoping to get a climate change bill to the senate soon, and something signed into law this year. you may not quite understand how emissions trading works, or what global warming potential is, or why you might want to prefer a cap and trade program to a carbon tax (though, feel free to ask me if you'd actually like the answers to any of these questions), but you should definitely be interested and aware of global warming legislation getting out this year.

even if congress can't find its ass with two hands, it looks like the epa might finally act on the endangerment finding it was supposed to have dealt with under massachusetts v. epa two years ago. if it makes such a finding, it'll be obliged under the clean air act to regulate co2. and then things will get REALLY exciting.
reasons you should be watching fox's Lie to Me:

1. it might get canceled! experience tells me that good shows get canceled. this is just history. right now, it's running about 9/12 in the ratings, and i think it needs to do better. it has american idol as a lead in (though it might be changing to lead in to american idol? i can't remember) and that can't hurt, but really!

2. it's got a cool concept! it's based off of real-life guy paul ekman, a psychologist who has been pioneering in emotions and their relationship to facial expressions. and you'll learn a lot about the facial action coding system! which is really cool. you can think about phrenology and wonder what the relationship is. OH. and they do cool clips of pictures of actual people doing the things they're talking about. IT WILL MAKE YOU THINK!

3. it's a procedural, which means it can hit your bones/csi/l&o/whatever kinks! THERE ARE MYSTERIES TO SOLVE, PEOPLE.

4. it's got cool people in it! AND THEY ARE ATTRACTIVE!

cut for the PRETTYCollapse )


seriously! instead of working! i found clips for you!Collapse )

6. there are hot women!

7. it's got snappy dialogue!


the first four episodes are up for your viewing pleasure at hulu.

Writer's Block: Animal Instinct

What creature would you choose as your spirit animal?

this is a really stupid question. that's all.

why, hello there.

you know what i wish? i wish that the blood tests i had yesterday would just say that i was hypothyroid. then i could explain everything wrong with me without having to take any personal responsibility for fixing them. oh, and laziness is a symptom of hypothyroidism, too, so i could even explain my lack of desire to fix anything. IT WOULD BE PERFECT. instead, i believe, i have neither thyroid problems nor anemia and my sleep is just fucked up because of anxiety and my anxiety is high because i'm depressed and i'm depressed because... well, i guess if i knew that, i wouldn't be depressed?

school is school. done in two more years, but some days that feels like forever. other days, like not long enough, and i wonder if a phd would make me more hireable? phd in sustainable development from columbia? in law and society from nyu? in government from the new school? maybe i should do something totally different and go to rabbinical school and spend my life writing on law, environment, and religious ethics? (the most interesting option by far.)

but for the moment, it is just this stuff. don't even have the interesting things other people do, working on their theses and dissertations and such. i am just doing problem sets and having tests and making presentations.

this week, i've learnt: how a heat pump works, how the electrical grid is monitored and managed in the US, how public benefits funds work, how to use excel to solve simple linear programs, what postmodernists think about conflicts of interest, how CERCLA was developed, and what the bali action plan says (it's boring, don't read it).

mayhaps i should have gotten a social science degree instead of this one? damn.

oh, and hey, i thought that teleflora commercial was funny. i am, apparently, an idiot.


two things.

first: you should vote for what hubble looks at next!

second: saw dar williams last night at cat's cradle. cat's cradle was surprisingly underwhelming, considering its reputation, but dar sparkled, as always. especially awesome renditions of: mercy of the fallen, the babysitter's here, february (!! my life may now be complete), after all, and spring street. good times were had by all! lots of shouty fangirls, which was annoying, and a Person Who Danced Excessively and so embarrassingly for the people around her that they finally left. also, two people who may have thought they were making porn and not, y'know, at a concert.


editing help.

so this is an odd question. i am editing an article for a journal i work on and need some grammatical advice. anybody around to help?

and randomly...

a list of things:

1. i am sitting in the divinity library. i work here. it's a methodist school and there are a lot of methodists here, even though i still don't know exactly what that means. one of my coworkers is considering 'converting' (do you have to convert to move from one denomination to another?) to anglicanism and i told her that sounded like the really boring christianity.

2. the other day, i do believe i was the first jew anybody had ever met. i still find this shocking.

3. i'm in my second semester of my masters in environmental management and in my fourth semester of graduate school. i am taking one of the most spectacularly boring courseloads i could have imagined.

4. while i hate microsoft office 2007, i just got a set of three licenses for $75 and you really can't beat that.

5. i am in love with kate spencer and manhunter. also barbara gordon. i want to be a superhero and it really bums me out that this will (probably) never happen. probably for the best, i don't look great in tights.

6. current love: root beer. currently reading: understanding and responding to climate change from the national academy of science. big plans: bull mccabe's on saturday night, despite the cold.

7. current sadness: law firm rejection letters. boo.

(eta) 8. go do thelittlebang. no, seriously.


oh hi. i've been thinking about coming back here?

what do you think?

the not so big secret.

so the not-so-well-kept secret is that law school sort of sucks. i mean, there are parts i really like. contracts class is actually genuinely fascinating, and we spent a whole day on the theory of promises, with no case law at all, which left many of my classmates totally irate. i, however, really liked it and immediately went out and ordered roberto unger's "critical legal theory." my torts class sometimes rises to the level of actual hilarity, even if i haven't learnt anything about torts. and civil procedure is perfect for me, with its obsessive attention to detail and obscure rule cross-referencing.

but the reading is slogging. i feel no compulsion to brief or take notes or do anything other than thake copious marginal notes. writing assignments are tedious. legal research is less exciting than it should be.

and i have no friends yet. which is the hardest part for me. so all my brain wants to do is get depressed and have me cry a lot and lay in bed and get sick so i can't eat. but of course i can't do that, because it's week three of four years of this stuff, and i've got to suck it up.

sometimes, i think of ljing about the stuff i do every day, the individual cases we talk about and such. but then i figure, if it's kind of boring to me, i'm sure it'd be REALLY boring to you.

far more exciting is that we now have TWO bunches of kittens. harry, hermione, draco, and ron are settled in beautifully. draco and ron are on their way to adoption, even though ron is literally brain damaged, poor thing.

in our bathroom, we have our new litter. they are shy and hissy and still a bit feral. i hope they will socialize well. their names are schroedinger, tesla, barton, and nightengale. the last three are all black and schroedinger's a black/brown/cream tabby.

if anybody wants pictures, we have a million. and nothing says YAY like pictures of kittens, right? if you live in the triangle and want to come socialize our kittens, come on over!



FINALLY. our house has the internetz.

also, law school homework is really boring. nobody told me that?

i have the most hideously dull schedule ever. if there's something opposite of section 4 pride, i would like to assert it now. though after our big presentation about professionalism on the web, i guess i shouldn't say things like that.