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Writer's Block: You Don't Know Me

Our friends don't always know us as well as they think, particularly when it comes to likes and dislikes. Which popular book, movie, band, food, TV show, etc. would your friends be surprised to hear that you don't like?

occasionally, i find myself compelled to answer these stupid questions.

book: lord of the rings. for christ's sake, i've tried to start that damn series approximately 49,326 (p < 0.05) but i find them just horrible. also, the first movie, the only one i saw, was awful. just awful.

movie: well, aside from lord of the rings? mostly people just assume i've seen tons of movies that i never have. because i am an uncultured fuck, apparently? no, but it's true. i AM an uncultured fuck. it suits me fine. i think some people would be surprised that i didn't like high school musical 3, considering how devoted i was to the first 2. also, kevin smith movies. god, i hate kevin smith movies.

food: sushi! most people know this, but they continue to give me crap about it. i don't mind the fish, really, but i'd rather a nice tuna tartar if i'm forced to eat it raw. there's a reason we discovered fire, people.

tv show: well, huh. i like most tv shows. i feel entirely uncompelled to watch american idol, and i think the very idea of dancing with the stars is kind of dumb. also, survivor and amazing race. two shows i couldn't care less about.

band: oh man, considering that i love everything, i think people would be more surprised by what i DO like than what i don't. currently, i have kanye west, lil wayne, taylor swift, miley cyrus, tim mcgraw, britney spears, casting crowns, and joss stone in heavy rotation. BUT maybe a few i don't care to listen to (that is, i'm just uninterested): the beatles, jimi hendrix, david bowie, bob dylan, lou reed. also, anything that you might call "R&B." man, i hate r&b.

that was really cathartic. thanks guys.


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May. 3rd, 2009 10:32 pm (UTC)
Saw your post on writer's block, and I have to agree with you re: LoTR. I've tried to get into it, and the plot itself seems basically interesting, but the endless description fills me with rage.

Specifically, I recall reading some battle scene, and it goes on explaining the city they are near and how it is carved into the mountain, and the mountain was part of a range that blah blah blah - For 3 damn pages. By the time it got back to the actual story, it was just like "Oh, right. I was reading about a war."
May. 3rd, 2009 10:55 pm (UTC)
YES. even in the damn movies, it was like, "i am going to begin the movie with 49 minutes of endless voiced-over exposition so i can fill in historical details you probably could have understood through a single line of dialogue. first to fall asleep wins!"

yeah, i fell asleep. sue me. (nice to meet you!)
Jun. 9th, 2009 06:29 am (UTC)
but if i get magically cast on survivor, you would watch, right?


i hate idol but love SYTYCD - though did you hear they are going straight into the sixth (SIXTH!) season in the fall, and then keep it there? i think that's wrong. we went to the s2 tour, right? with wade's zombie dance? and then s3 was anya and danny and sabra winning, and s4 was just the last one, so that was katie and joshua and twitch . . . wow. i feel super old.

p.s. when do you post your thelittlebang story? i am so bummed about dropping out but the finale killed my desire to write for the show, and it was too late then. but i want to read yours!

(and i also want to enlist you for beta help, but want to make sure you have time before i officially ask. hah. it's going to be the story to end all stories in this fandom, i can feel it! ;) )

i don't know why i just don't send you an e-mail . . . but now i have a desire to search the internet until i find a huntress: year one icon . . . sleeping patterns (or lack thereof) suck!
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